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TCI Tricone bit 8 1/2 inch 215mm Oil Drill Bit, Oil Field Drilling Equipments

Lugar de origen: 
Hebei, China (Mainland)

Información básica

Modelo: 547 8 1/2 inch

Descripción del producto

TCI Tricone bit 8 1/2 inch 215mm  Oil Drill Bit, Oil Field Drilling Equipments

Product Description


TCI Tricone Bits


417 437 517 537 617 637 737 827

  Available sizes(inch)

3 1/2”~ 26”

larger sizes can be custom as your requirement.

  API regular pin(inch)

2 3/8;2 7/8;3 1/2;4 1/2;6 5/8;7 5/8

  Recommended make up torque(KN.M)



competitive price and best quality.

  Bearing type

sealed bearing and non-sealed bearing

JM/JMT(metal sealed journal bearing)

RM/RMT(metal sealed roller bearing)

JR/JRT (rubber sealed journal bearing

RR/RRT (rubber sealed roller bearing

FR(rubber sealed floating bearing)


soft ,medium soft ,hard,medium hard,very hard formation

Product Pictures Application Cautions
Please select the applicable formation and parameters according to the instructions. Carefully check the bits appearance and to check the bits threaded end face,whether the serial number on the box and certificate. Selection of WOB and RPM should be within the limits of the recommended parameters, higher WOB and RPM cannot be used simultaneously. Bottom hole must be clean and bit must not be used for long section reaming. Drilling process must operate smoothly, find that there is Bie jump on abnormal phenomenon, should be timely analysis and take effective measures The bit should be kept indoor with dry and well ventilated conditions at 10-33℃ and kept from sunshine and rain. Stored under such conditions, quality of bit is guaranteed for 3 years. Packaging & Shipping  
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